Official Selections [list] #GLCFF2016


Project Titles, Directors

“Jammies, Teeth, Prayers & Bed”,T. Greg Merrion
“La Liberacion de AlEXIS / The Discovery of Santos”,”Ralph Isenberg, Executive Director, Joe De La Fuente”
(faith),Crisanta de Guzman
A Girl Like Me,Danielle Wunker
A Long Walk to the,”Tim Bergmann, Val Lieske”
ActorsLove,Richard Rabelbauer
Adam & Eve,”Davey Morrison Dillard, Bianca Morrison Dillard”
Agape,Micah Versemann
Anchored: A Grandfather’s Legacy,””
Angels to Spare Us,Aaron Potter
Armor of God,Xavier Garcia
Boarding The Ark,Joshua Faust
Boonville Redemption,Don Schroeder
BRO Men with Hope to Bring,Nich L Perez CSC
Butterflies,Cayman Grant
By His Stripes,Stephen C. Bortsalas
Choice of a Lifetime,Garrison Hill
City on a Hill,Selva Tamiz Anban Devados
Competition,Artur Boruzs
CRAVE: THE FAST LIFE ,Joaquin F. Palma
Dex Davis: Child of God…Episode 3 – “Peer Pressure Panic!”,”Horace Christian, Jr.”
End of The Trail,Barry Tolli
Essence: Exploring the Horse-Human Relationship,Ivy Schexnayder
Evangelicals for Climate Action,Sam Kauffmann
Father, Son and Holy Moses!,William Middleton
Finding my Father,Aaron Potter
Footprints in the Snow,Vincent T Joachim
Forgiven,Kevan Otto
Forward Until Found,Adam Dufour
Fourth World,David Bolt
Freedom Gate,Mark Baird
Gillian’s Island,Aaron Markus
Go Lucy Go,Vince Williams
Gone,John Hopper
Guadalupe: The Miracle and the Message,David Naglieri
Harmony,Enrique Rico Diaz
Heaven to Earth,Andy Huff
Honoring the Code,Eugene Cuevas
Hoovey,Sean McNamara
How,Ty Staples
I Will Not Fear,Nick Lindsay
In Between,Matthew Ramsaur
In Good Faith ,Casey Hempel
Inspired Movement: The History of Excellence at the Heart of the Artist,Amy Esther Schmidt
Irish Legend,Laura Johnson
J…,Florin Marksteiner
Jacob’s Tears,Hugh Kitson
Jerusalem: An Unforgettable City,John Moore
Jesus Is My Booski,”Camy “”Cameron”” Arnett”
Knox,Murdo Macleod
LAKE of FIRE,Andrew Thorn
Leaves of the Tree (Dove 12+ and MPAA 13),Ante Novakovic
Less Hell, More Angel,Christian D’Andrea
Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism,David Naglieri
Life In Osborn,Walter V. Marshall
Little Sticker,Michael Jackson Chaney
Masterless,Craig Shimahara
Meet Your Maker,Ty Wilson
Mercy,Steven Frohardt
Message of Hope,tom lee
Mission Improbable,Matthew Perdie
Missions in the Wilderness: Milk and Honey Cambodia,Simon Ives
Mitosis,Hannah Victoria
Mr. Pastor Jones,Lizette Barrera
My Brother’s Keeper,Samone Norsworthy
Mystery,Laura Johnson
Not Even the Mountain Stays the Same,Diana Nicolae
Obbie,Mira Chendler
One Rock Three Religions,isaac hertz
Open Hands,James Burns
Orphans of the Genocide ,Bared Maronian
Our Mud (Three Stories of Mud),Arjanmar H. Rebeta
Pursued,Aaron Potter
Ready to Brew,John Rush
Rebellion,Stephen Burhoe
RED THROUGH THE GLASS (wherever you go),Alberto Tempi
Redemption of the Heart ,Isaac Meeks & Sandon Yahn
Return to the Garden,”D. Erik Parks, Jake Hutchison”
Riding High,”Tiffany Israel, Emily Ray”
Riva,Christopher Wiegand
Road to Revelation,Bill Butler
Roses,Alex Lerma
Runner,Greg Batiansila
Saint Dee Dee,Helen Baldwin
Sisters,Lynn Moody
Spiritus,Matthew Spaull
Stained Glass Windows of the Shenandoah Valley,D.Lee Beard
Still Standing,Joel Benson
Streets of Harvest,Fred Keel
Texas Rein,Durrell Nelson
Thank You,Micah Versemann
The Artifact,Aaron Kamp
The Brotherhood,Andrew Thorn
The Cokeville Miracle,T.C. Christensen
The Confession,John La Raw
The Daughter Project,””
The Evanescence of Hope,Loren M. Lambert
The Final Resolution,Brian Ronalds
The foreigner in the wind,Filippo Lubiato
The Forgiveness Dance,”” [screenplay]
The Golden Rule,Felix Crumbsy
the Green Thumb,TL Irving
The Last Appeal,”Trey Fernald, Michael Feifer”
The Life of David Brainerd: A Documentary,Joe Tyrpak
The Lost Pueblo,Tomas Sanchez
The Messenger,Doron Eran
The Morgue,Paul Cavallo
The Phoenix: Hope is Rising,Phil Gioja
THE PILGRIM,Pawel Jozwiak-Rodan
The Return,Steven F. Zambo
The Road to Santiago,Eduardo Vidal Perez
The Sereer: Desperately Trying to Please God,Ken Beale
The Traces Of Oblivion,Luis Morales
The Trial Of Everett Mann,Mike Gerard
The True Meaning of Love,Karyme Lozano
The Undeserved Gift,Mikey Williams
This Path,Nasim Bowlus
Unexpected Journey, from cancer to a higher calling,Don Albert
Victory in Christ – FILM – النصر بالمسيح,Greg Williams
Vindication,Jarod O’Flaherty
Walk On Water, Family Reunion,Rich Nation
Waves,Gary Centrone
We Three Kings,Laura Johnson
Who Will Move the Stone,Rhodes Short
With or Without,Vince Williams
You’re Not Alone,””



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