We have many ways for you to support our film festival. Choose which you would like to participate and we will gladly have you as our support team.

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We want to thank all of our sponsors, support staff and volunteers for #GLCFF2021

Robbins Stunt Team Fight Choreography for Film
Cheryl Felicia Rhoads Clean Comedy Workshop
Rhonda Parker Screenwriting
Casting Call
Cheryl Felicia Rhoads
Marc Steele
DonnaMarie Vaughn
Industry Panel
Stacy T. Holmes
Cheryl Felicia Rhoads
Marc Steele
Richard Rossi
Gary Rudick Production Manager
David Lewis Transportation
Donna Bailey Production Assistant
Lina Danimore Box Office
DonnaMarie Vaughn Box Office
Dominic Lauricella Media
Dave Trophies Trophies
Vincent Double Eagle Embroidery
Doug SVC Video
Rosemarie Feliciano Home City Church
Linette Rainville Home City Church
John Jerackas Jr. Home City Church
Mikala 716 Ministries
Matt 716 Ministries
Kitchen 716 Ministries
Kitchen 716 Ministries
Fr. Raphael Barberg St George Church
Kelleylynn Barberg St George Church
D.G. Peltan i61 Church
Lori- Fransisco-McVicar i61 Church
Pastor Joel Arcadipane i61 Church
Sandy Arcadipane i61 Church