Crave: The Fast Life [feature] #GLCFF2016

Crave: The Fast Life [feature]

#GLCFF2016 Official Selection

THE STORY – MAX’S troubled past sparked by the abandonment by his father TONY creates a deep-rooted hunger for success; which fuels him down the dark and ruthless path of anger, greed, and self-destruction in the glitzy world of the Los Angeles nightclub industry.

Wanting it all, and wanting to prove to his estranged father, who has been released from prison a “changed Christian man”, that he… and he alone will provide for his mother ARLENE and his sister SOLI; Max puts all his trust and loyalty in to DOMINIC, a wealthy nightclub owner that promises him a kingdom of power and fortune if he uses his nature talent for creating successful events for him exclusively.

Soon after achieving all the success and wealth he ever wanted, life seems to get even better when he runs in to his lost love – BRIE. Max feels that he is on top of the world; but things begin to rapidly deconstruct as his home-life and his fast-life begin to clash.

In denial that his mother is dying of cancer and his refusal to accept Tony as a changed man; Max chooses to blindly follow Dominic ever deeper in to the fast-life by agreeing to take his operation to Las Vegas, even after it is discovered that Dominic has been using Max’s success to launder money for some very dangerous people.

In the end, can Max find the peace and forgiveness he needs in order to not lose his family, his true love Brie and above all… his soul?

This is a “true-to-life” story set in a world that is universal and appealing to both faith and mainstream audiences alike in order to tell an impactful story of loss and salvation. It blends faith-based elements with a mainstream approach to storytelling. There is no profanity and no nudity. It does show some drug use and alcohol consumption in order to show the demise that follows. The film would be considered a PG-13 film by the MPAA.



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