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Project Title Director/Producer
12 Days With God John Ginty
3:0 Piotr Ludwik
A Blood Throne Xavier Garcia
A Brand New Kitchen Bill McAdams, Jr.
A Message Through Time Douglas Dunklin
A Mother’s Love  The Church of Almighty God
A Second Chance Daniel Beard
Alan and The Fullness of Time Markus Cook
Amen Dominic James Lauricella
Angels in Rocket Field Pamela Perrine
Are you lost? Pray… Aristeidis Th. Arapis
Artichoke: The Art of the Choke Chris Lythgoe
AVERAGE MOM Cathy Lynn Yonek
Battle is Spiritual Roman Jaquez
Bear Josh Cisewski
Beautiful Dreamer Stephen Lipscomb
Betty Williams: Contagious Courage Dawn Engle
Broken UnBroken Kennedy Quigley
Bump Katherine Johnson
Cabin Memories Handel Humphrey
Carole Chaislyn Jane
Colors of Brilliance Elizabeth Berry, Katherine Johnson
Come and See Enrico Lambiase
Contradictions Michael Keith bell
Cowboy and Preacher Will Fraser
Crowning of A Maestro Terri L. Bea
DAVID & GOLIATH Jeremiah Kaufman, Ester Stancel
Dear Alice Pablo Moreno
Desolate Evan Hewitt, Andrea Drake
Dinosaur Heart Tac Coluccio
Divine Appointments Luke Broersma
Double Standard Eric Lester
Emunah Brian Morgan
Epiphany Stephen Levy
Finding Home in Boomtown Matt Maxwell
Foreclosing on Faith Viktoria Somogyi, Jeff MacIntyre
Forgotten Heroes – The Robert Hartsock Story Jim Huggins
Foundations – A Journey Jonathan R. Lack
Freshman Year Jude Okwudiafor Johnson
Gameboy Stephen Burhoe
GettingPaid.us Phillip E. Walker
God Calling BB Sasore
God’s Living Treasures – Animals of Alaska David Rives
Grafted. – An Albanian Down Syndrome Adoption Story Conner Haines
Hamlet’s Ghost Walker Haynes
Heal Me Matthew Kooman
Hear from You Grant Cowan
Heroic Elizabeth Berry, Katherine Johnson
higher than the earth Jochen Isensee
His Love Is Blind Debbie Harmon
Hope does not disappoint us Saki Matsumoto
I Am Not Shaken Ryan K. McNeal
I Can See the Glory Now Bianca Furtado
It Is Well Bennie R. Mitchell, III
JIN (A Korean in America) Jinsuk Kim
John Paul II In Ireland: A Plea for Peace David Naglieri, Marc Boudignon
Just a Little Christmas Amanda Diego Polematidis
Just a Song Holden Scott
Kandace Queen Lynette Jones
Kathleen Kilbane-In the Presence of a Holy Child Dominic Kennedy
Last Days Biodun Stephen
Liberating Fire Fred Sprinkle
Life on the Island of Jesus Craig Claudin
Love Possibly Michael Boccalini, Che Grant
Made In His Image Anah Ambuchi, Jossie Harris Thacker
MASTER PLAN Chris Lythgoe
Math + Serving = His Love Changhee Chun
Mattie: The Discovery Camy “Cameron” Arnett
Mgona Diary: From the Ground Dean Karalekas, Stephen A. Nelson
Miracles from the Killing Fields Jeremy Crouch
Non-Fest TV Shawn Patrick Greene
O Holy Knight! Robby Sparks
Oh Aching Soul Daniel Nuckols
Olive doudou liu
One-to-one Cristian García Zelada
Opposite Actions Michael Paul Gibben
Paid in Full John Hopper
Paper Football Michael Torres
Paralysis Will Not Paralyze Me Gavin Miller
Peace be with you peter stewart
Perseverance: The Mighty Foundation Chris Lythgoe
Philothei the Athenian – The revolution of a woman Maria Papaliou
Pieces Ryan Trenkamp
PRAIZE (Web Series) Thomas Goggans
Proclaim the Wonders God Has Done Jeffrey Hendrix
Pure Joy Benjamin Hunter
Rachel’s Pitch Julia Fulmer
Redemption Anthony Venezia
Repression Lynette Weeks
Russ Taff: I Still Believe Rick Altizer
SACROSANCT Roselle Doyle
Safe and Warm (Lullaby for Jesus) Alan Mascareno
Salt and Light – The Miracle in Hollywood Rob Loos
Saved – Escape from Kim´s regime Thea Elisabeth Haavet
Seek First Clare Vining, Mary Vining
SHINE Pieter Whittington
Sight-Reading Rachael Morton
Signs Alexey Molotkov
sinbit Jeremy Carter
Skitz Dave Siriano
Stained Glass Chris Kinzie
Super God Carmen Traub
SUPER MOVIE – The Power of Light Nathanael Burns
Take Me Back Jason McGhinnis
Take Your Dream E W Helmick
Temptation Of Saint Francis Johnnie Semerad
That Kids Show Season 1 William H Adams
The astronaut’s journal Marina Belikova
The Big Fix micah caronna
The Blue Light Chris Lythgoe
The Father I Never Knew Don Albert
The Field Afar: The Life of Fr. Vincent Capodanno Tim Moriarty, Jake Ehrlich
The Man From Gath Gabriel Garcia, Josh Garcia
The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything The Church of Almighty God
The Passion: A Brickfilm Joshua Carroll
The Path of Love Yu-Ming Cheng
The Path To Peace Daniel Glushefski
The People of the Heavenly Kingdom The Church of Almighty God
The Prodigal Tod Polson
The Reconciler Shawn Justice
The Refill Jordan Bigler
The Reliant Paul Munger
The Ring Brandon Curless
The Storm Benjamin Crane
The Story of Job Jose Nieves
The Stranger Marc Allen
The True Love of God The Church of Almighty God
THE VISION Lightning N Mitchell, Laura Allen
Thy Neighbor George A. Johnson
To Tie The Knot Or Not John Lawson, Luke Dillon
Traveling Soldier Andrew Trent Fleming, Lauren Cox
V (five) David Diaz
Victor not Victim Tricia Harmon
Victorious John Hopper
Voice surrounding the city Rafael Fernanz
Waiting For You Roy Mazzagate III
Walking Together George Turnbull
Wanda’s Wonderful World Frederick Gonzalez
Warriors to Lourdes David Naglieri
Wayne: My Grandpa’s Story Andrew Snow
We Are Kickball Joshua Zapata-Palmer, Joshua Cisewski
When the Dust Clears Joshua Williams


Project Title Writers
Changing Score Bridget Bell McMahon
Chapter 7 Christmas Andrew Frodahl
Crossing Time Bryan Mero
Death Of A Sinner Lea Ann Vandygriff
Earth Angel Casey J. Hempel
Everywhere Thomas Louis Castiglione
Execution Day Mike Reid
Glass Angel Lea Ann Vandygriff
King of the Pews Alan Maki
Need A Little Christmas Joe Doran
Open Mike Timothy Buck, Barry McKenna
Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi Byron Anderson
THE CHARIOTS OF MOTOWN Christopher Sansone
The Door Robert Leo Cox
The Gospel According To God McKinley Johnson
The Ranger Timothy Buck
The Resurrection Clause Roger Lindley
The Sound of Silence Thomas Louis Castiglione
Ticking Truth Bomb Leann Barna