2021 Winners

2021 Great Lakes Christian Film Festival

Finalists and Winners

Animation | Student | Music Video/Series | Documentary | Narrative | Best of the Fest


Animation Short
Animation Short Absolution
Animation Short Covid Coping With Sid the Seagull
Animation Short One Last Monster
Documentary Feature international
Documentary Feature Forgiveness?
Documentary Feature Gagauzes – In the Sign of Cross and Wolf
Documentary Feature I Am A Mennonite
Documentary Feature Léonie’s Light
Documentary Feature LIFE JACKET
Documentary Feature
Documentary Feature Alaska Long Hunters
Documentary Feature Beyond the Peak
Documentary Feature BOBBI JO: Under the Influence
Documentary Feature Divided Hearts of America
Documentary Feature Metamorphosis
Documentary Short international
Documentary Short Francisco
Documentary Short You and I we will live
Documentary Short You Are Beautiful
Documentary Short
Documentary Short Adam’s Story
Documentary Short Nali
Documentary Short Ronald Reagan: Man of Faith
Documentary Short The Witness
Documentary Short We See Her: The Story of Sister Maria Rosa Leggol, OSF
Experimental Shorts
Experimental Shorts Fortress
Experimental Shorts I Am Christmas
Experimental Shorts The Stranger
Film Trailers
Film Trailers A Manger Miracle (Proof of Concept)
Film Trailers Dreams of Petaluma – Screenplay Trailer
Film Trailers Metamorphosis Trailer
Music Video
Music Video Beautiful
Music Video Let Me See Your Hands Move
Music Video Let The Children Come To Me (Mu Mano Tulge Latse)

Narrative Feature international
Narrative Feature Albertina
Narrative Feature Heart of Africa 2: Companions
Narrative Feature Josef – Born in Grace
Narrative Feature Man of God
Narrative Feature The Other Side
Narrative Feature Zwinglis Erbe
Narrative Feature
Narrative Feature A Father’s Fight
Narrative Feature Angel
Narrative Feature Break Every Chain
Narrative Feature ISSUES OF THE HEART
Narrative Feature Legacy of Love
Narrative Feature Roe v. Wade
Narrative Short international
Narrative Short cabinet stories
Narrative Short Evade
Narrative Short The Good Samaritan
Narrative Short The Hidden Treasure
Narrative Short The Talents
Narrative Short Vintage Truble
Narrative Short
Narrative Short Heartless
Narrative Short How I Found Life
Narrative Short My CoronaVirus Prayer
Narrative Short Saving Amelia
Narrative Short Sky
Narrative Short Short Short
Narrative Short For the Love of Art
Narrative Short Grievance
Narrative Short Makeup
Narrative Short Retribution
Narrative Short Tribulations
Narrative Short Micro Short
Narrative Short Gift
Narrative Short Inner Peace
Narrative Short Of Service
Narrative Short Tikkun Olam
Narrative Short Trafficked
Poster Art
Poster Art Numbers Poster Art
Series Breaking Strongholds Episode 1 – Drama Series
Narrative Short/Series Numbers
Series Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Student Feature
Student Only Feature Dream Reality (Documentary)
Student Short
Student Only Short A Boy’s Journey: Crossing The Alenuihaha Channel
Student Only Short The All Who Gave Some
Student Only Short The Crooner
Student Only Short The Human Condition
Student Short Micro Short
Student Only Short Bo
Student Only Short Good: Men After Christ
Student Only Short The Jewel of Richmond
Student Only Short Will to Live

2021 Executive Director Awards

CrossDocs at #GLCFF2021

(1st) Student Docs Shorts: What God Wants – Director Mykhailo Bogdanov / DePaul University (Chicago, IL) United States

(2nd) Documentary Feature: The One Who Hears :: A Call to Obedience – Producers Rich Goodwin and Drew Gibbs in United States

(3rd) Documentary Shorts: Be Careful What You Wish For – Director Marcus Sanford in
United States

Hope Festival at #GLCFF2021

Best Film Over All:
Discovering Hope – Director: Benjamin Robyn Jespersen / Producer: Jay Hix Jones, Brice Herrick / Key Cast: Jay Hix Jones, Kara Jones, Reeder Hix Jones, Hunter Rose Jones
Website: http://discoveringhopethemovie.com/

The Witness – Producer, Director, Writer: William Bowman / Key Cast: David Ebel / Title Design: Katie Pendell

Ain’t God Alright – Producer, Director, Writer: Andrew J. Bullard IV / Key Cast: Andrew J. Bullard IV, India Corley, Joseph Fountain, Keilah Brownlee, Dan Lyons, Mary Beth Torgerson



more to come!