Leaves of the Tree [feature] #GLCFF2016

Leaves of the Tree [feature]

#GLCFF2016 Official Selection

A mystical tree, shrouded in religious lore, leads a once powerful lawyer sidelined by a life threatening disease, to remote Sicily to discover the secret of the tree’s medicinal leaves. “The Tree” intersects faith, doubt and belief for all those that come into contact with its unique ability to heal.

This is a new edit of the original Leaves of the Tree that was done in February and March 2016. The original movie was previously completed and submitted for festival play in 2015. The new edit has been certified by the Dove Foundation as suitable for children aged 12 and up, and meets criteria for showings in churches and schools. The new edit is also shorter in length than the original film.

Starring: Eric Roberts, Sean Young, Armand Assante, Federico Castelluccio, Kresh Novakovic, Marisa Brown, Sarah Sebastiana, Patrick Gorman, Ozman Sirgood, Gaetano Sciortino, Colin Walker, Tyler Hollinger, Sewell Whitney.
Directed By: Ante Novakovic




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