The Johnson Strings [3 music videos] #GLCFF2016

The Johnson Strings [3 music videos]

#GLCFF2016 Official Selections

Irish Legend

Experience the open beauty of the windswept Loess Hills as a band of musicians journey through rolling hills, prairie grasslands, and lush forests, converging in a race against time. The Johnson Strings is a family of passionate musicians that tours the US, leading thousands of people in worship every year and entertaining countless crowds.


The joy of a newborn baby. The prophecy of a predestined death. A King in the hands of traitorous men. All merge in a compelling song of truth, pain, and sacrificial love. The Johnson Strings’ powerful rendition of “Mystery” draws the listener into the musical experience, as the song brings the deep eternal meaning of Christmas into focus. Set in a beautiful grove of spruce and pines, the music swirls through the fog and glowing lights, notes hanging in the chill winter air.

We Three Kings

Filmed in the grand Paramount Theater, The Johnson Strings bring a virtuosic level of polish and sophistication to this treasured Christmas carol. The ornate molding and opulent styling of the theater mirrors the message of the song: “We three kings of Orient are, bearing gifts we travel afar…star with royal beauty bright, guide us to thy Perfect Light”.

The Johnson Strings banner



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