Orphans of the Genocide [doc] #GLCFF2016

Orphans of the Genocide [documentary]

#GLCFF2016 Official Selection

Orphans of the Genocide is an emotional visual journey through never-before-seen or rarely seen archival footage and discovered memoirs of orphans who lived through the last century’s first, fully documented and least recognized Armenian Genocide of 1915. The documentary follows Maurice Missak Kelechian whose research findings unveil the site of an Armenian orphanage located at the present day Antoura College near Beirut, Lebanon where 1,000 Armenian Genocide Orphans had lived and were forcefully converted and ‘Turkified’ during WWI. Additionally the documentary includes interviews with numerous public figures including British journalist Robert Fisk – whose article ‘Living Proof of the Armenian Genocide’ published in 2010 by the Independent included many of the archival proofs as well as Armenian-American Dr. Jack Kevorkian among others.

Director Statement

As a documentary filmmaker, my aim is to to tell untold and concealed historical facts dealing with human rights issues.




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