The Artifact [short] #GLCFF2016

The Artifact [short film] Australia

#GLCFF2016 Official Selection

A kidnapped archaeologist guards a treasure worth dying for.

Director Statement

My goal for this short, was to create a film that is set primarily in one location, but can easily hold the audience’s attention. So we conceived the idea of 2 thugs holding an archaeologist captive after she has discovered something amazing. ‘The Artifact’ was born.
Getting good coverage of the scene was important, as I didn’t want the audience to get bored. And also, I wanted to give this sense that there was something else there in the room – that this artifact contained a presence that looked after our archaeologist. And so the ‘God POV’ shot was introduced.

It was also important for the comedy in the script not to take over. So we set a very serious tone, with lighting and music, in order to build the tension. And the actor’s played it very straight all the way through. Then when the comedic moments hit, it works much better.
I also chose to have a blue theme running through the film – blue is a colour of peace, faith, trust. This is the colour of the Artifact, and it permeates the film.

Overall, all of these elements combine to create a very good, fun film.



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