Message of Hope [feature] #GLCFF2016

Message of Hope [feature]

#GLCFF2016 Official Selection


A group of six children, pairing three girls and three boys, living in a well off community grow up with the benefits and luxuries that come with their birth right.
The children attend a Christian school and are taught Biblical studies from the Faithful Pastor Anne.

But, except for the compassionate attempts of one single girl, Sarah, who dreams of love and heavenly things, many of the poor in the surrounding suburbs are left forgotten and ignored by the materialistic and wealthy, yet uncaring adults, especially Sarah’s father, James, who is hardened by the world around him.

Although the children attend a Christian school, Sarah’s views are widely uncommon amongst her friends, except for one boy, John, who pays close attention to Sarah’s every move and the two forge a spiritual bond, one they hope to maintain forever as someday Heaven awaits.

When the children grow to age eighteen, High School seniors, Sarah begins to feel rejected by the world around her, except for John and a homeless man, Mr. Henshaw, whom she befriends. But after the untimely passing of Mr. Henshaw, and tragedy, in the form of suicide, suddenly hits one of the kids and shatters the world around them. Sarah cries out for love and attention, but one senseless act drives her to the brink of destruction. As Sarah recovers, she spends summer away from her friends.

The neighboring community of friends and adults gather and desperately try to make sense of what drove Michael to suicide and Sarah to near destruction. Sarah’s close friends begin to realize that money and material things are not so important, but the love and compassion that Sarah shows is what they desire after all and is strong enough to change the world for the better.

When John receives a visit from an “Angel of GOD” he decides to write a story of hope and compassion, “A Message of Hope,” to honor his dear friends, Michael and Sarah.

As the children’s parents begin to wonder what is right and what is wrong, a sense of fortunate birth right may not be what they all thought it once was. But the children quickly realize that there are no victims; we all have the power of choice, to choose life and love.

The school year comes to a close and the summer eventually draws to an end, but not before the return of an old friend. Love is rekindled between John and Sarah, a love that unites them on Earth as young adults as they wait for the glory of Heaven.



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