2016 Nominees #GLCFF2016

2016 Nominees

Best Feature Film
Who Will Move the Stone
Texas Rein
Leaves of the Tree
Fourth World

Best Documentary [long]
The Road to Santiago
Liberating a Continent
Unexpected Journey
Honoring the Code
The Evanescence of Hope
Orphans of the Genocide

Best Documentary (missions) [long]
The Sereer
Missions in the Wilderness
Life In Osborn
The Phoenix: Hope is Rising
The Messenger
The Life of David Brainerd: A Documentary
Honoring the Code

Best Documentary [short]
This Path
Victory in Christ
Still Standing
Less Hell, More Angel
A Girl Like Me
Inspired Movement: The History of Excellence at the Heart of the Artist
Evangelicals for Climate Action

Best Short Film [over 20 minutes]
In Between
Children of War
The Trial Of Everett Mann
The Lost Pueblo
By His Stripes

Best Short Film [under 20 minutes]
The Confession
My Brother’s Keeper
The Traces Of Oblivion
Armor of God

Best Director [feature]
Joaquin F. Palma [Crave]
Ante Novakovic [Leaves of the Tree]
Kevan Otto [Forgiven]
Don Schroeder [Boonville Redemption]
Rhodes Short [Who Will Move the Stone]
Durrell Nelson [Texas Rein]
David Bolt [Fourth World]

Best Director [shorts]
Matthew Ramsaur [In Between]
Artur Boruzs [Competition]
Ivy Schexnayder [Essence: Exploring the Horse-Human Relationship]
Xavier Garcia [Armor of God]
Cayman Grant [Butterflies]
Tomas Sanchez [The Lost Pueblo]
Mike Gerard [The Trial Of Everett Mann]

Best Film
Leaves of the Tree
Fourth World
Texas Rein
This Path
In Between

Best Actor
Rene Alvarado [Crave]
Rhodes Short [Who Will Move the Stone]
Kevin Sorbo [Forgiven]
Eric Roverts [Leaves of the Tree]
Cody Linley [Hoovey]
Andrew Cheney [Fourth World]
Richard Tyson [Boonville Redemption]

Best Actor [short]
Jung Young Hoon [The Confession]
Sean Borderes [The Trial Of Everett Mann]
Jeremiah Bitsui [The Lost Pueblo]
Jack Serino [Mercy]
Luke Osteen [My Brother’s Keeper]
Thomas Grower [Armor of God]
Cristian Costache [Competition]

Best Actress
Jenn Gotzon [Forgiven]
Beth Gouthro [Texas Rein]
Lauren Holly [Hoovey]
Shari Rigby [Boonville Redemption]
Kimberly Arland [The Last Appeal]
Marisa Brown [Leaves of the Tree]
Heather Fairbanks [Who Will Move the Stone]

Best Actress [short]
Shelby Olivier [In Between]
Jackie Goldston [group]
Marley Caddell [Butterflies]
Ileana Irrizarry [The Traces Of Oblivion]
Sarah Olmstead [Essence: Exploring the Horse-Human Relationship]
Becca Ingram [Adam & Eve]
Jasmine Diaz [Harmony]

Best Supporting Actor
Maurico Mendoza [Crave]
Armand Assante [Leaves of the Tree]
Pat Boone [Boonville Redemption]
George Avgoustis [Who Will Move the Stone]
Ben Davies [Texas Rein]
Joe Gorczynski [Message of Hope]
Michael Green [Streets of Harvest]

Best Supporting Actress
Diane Ladd [Boonville Redemption]
Allie DeBerry [Hoovey]
Erin Bethea [Texas Rein]
Peaches Brown [Walk On Water, Family Reunion]
Valorie Neal White [Mission Improbable]
Wendele Mealy [Sisters]
Mackenzie Wetherby [Message of Hope]

Best Music Video
Irish Legend Laura Johnson
Mystery Laura Johnson
We Three Kings Laura Johnson
You’re Not Alone Arlette Thomas-Fletcher

Best Series

Best Comedy

Best Animation



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People’s Choice for Best Feature Film:
Texas Rein
The Cokeville Miracle

People’s Choice for Best Documentary [long form]:
The Sereer
The Road to Santiago
Liberation of a Continent
Orphans of the Genocide
The Phoenix: Hope is Rising
Anchored: A Grandfather’s Legacy

People’s Choice for Best Documentary [short form]
Victory in Christ
Go Lucy Go
This Path
Inspired Movement

People’s Choice for Best Short Film [over 20 minutes]
In Between
The Lost Pueblo

People’s Choice for Best Short Film [under 20 minutes]
The Artifact
With or Without
In Good Faith

People’s Choice for Best Music Video
We Three Kings
You’re Not Alone
Irish Legend

Write-in: Fan Favorite
In Between
With or Without
Go Lucy Go
In Good Faith