12 Days With God (2018)

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival #GLCFF #GLCFF2019
Official Selection – Nominee – Finalist – Winner

12 Days With God (2018)

*Winner – Best of Western New York Narrative Feature and Best Narrative Feature (between 60 – 90 min).

*Nominee – Best Director for a Narrative Feature, Best Writer for a Narrative Feature, Best Actor in a Narrative Feature, Best Supporting Actor in a Narrative Feature, and Best Supporting Actress in a Narrative Feature.

12 Days With God is a true story based on the book of the same name by Devin Sherman. In 2014 Devin was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a very rare and aggressive form of cancer, behind his right eye. During his 12 day stay in the hospital, Devin had two major surgeries to remove the large cancerous growth. But in order to remove the cancer, they had to open up his head and remove part of his face. Complications led doctors to fear the worst leaving Devin no choice but to trust in God for a miracle all while he faced his own inner demons. But every day God revealed new truths to him which helped him come to terms with his past.


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