Foreclosing on Faith (2017)

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival
Official Selection #GLCFF #GLCFF2019

Foreclosing on Faith (2017)

Heroic battles, passionate protests and widespread resistance are being witnessed in many parts of the United States.

But this isn’t politics, it’s a war raging within the Catholic Church to preserve countless spiritual homes from closure. Catholic churches are being shuttered at an alarming rate in the United States. At stake are issues of ethnic and cultural identity and the well-being of communities across the land.

Bishops, often backed by the Vatican, justify the closings with claims of cash-strapped parishes, priest shortages and lack of vibrancy. Yet the faithful cry foul! They say it’s all about raising money for dioceses facing financial challenges. Challenges, some insist, that are tied to sins of the past.

The intense battle over church closures is the focus of a new documentary, “Foreclosing on Faith” — a modern-day David and Goliath struggle as Catholics strive to hold on to their precious communities against the seemingly arbitrary decisions of their bishops. Churches provide a social safety net and every time one is closed, a small piece of the net that holds the community together unravels.

At a time when immigration and discrimination have never been more polarizing, this is one conversation people from every community need to start having.

“Foreclosing on Faith” documents the dramatic struggle taking place in Cleveland, Boston and New York, some of which is fallout from the Church’s sex abuse crisis. Picking up where “Spotlight” left off, the film uncovers the truth behind this painful chapter of the Catholic Church.

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival


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