PRAIZE (2019)

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival
Official Selection – Nominee – Finalist – Winner #GLCFF #GLCFF2019

PRAIZE (2019)

* Winner for Best Series and Best Actress in a Series, Kei Landa Rembert

Can God heal us from life-altering wrongs committed against us? Is healing through praise a reality? How do we confidently release the past and find the strength to embrace the future? The screenplay of has been described by industry readers as a youth-centric musical drama that features poetry and praise dance as a background. The dramatic foreground will feature the protagonist’s desperate search for Love and her unwillingness to confront her painful past. The film is told through the eyes of Davida Battle an aspiring young artist who carries unresolved wounds caused by the death of her mother. Travis Davida’s musician father, has been struggling to make ends meet as a horn player in a local jazz club since the tragic death of his wife. His wounds eventually contribute to his heavy drinking and volatile behavior, which has placed strains on their father daughter relationship. After getting into a street fight with a classmate Davida becomes the target of a local gang of girls who are out to get even. Travis, afraid that Davida’s days are numbered, he decides to send her to Savannah, Georgia to live with his spirited Sister, Reverend Maddy Cannon, and her stern husband, Reverend Josiah Cannon. Davida, a fish out of water, is slow to warm to her new church community, but Maddy narrows in on her because Davida reminds her a lot of herself. When Davida is asked to join the praise dance team as they vie for the praise festival, her rough exterior begins to soften as she unexpectedly finds new purpose and her true voice in this compelling tale of love and redemption.

Thomas Goggans (Writer/Director) was born in South Carolina and raised in New York. He wrote his first play “Shades of Gray” at the age of 16. The play was read by a representative from Playwrights Horizons who immediately placed him into a ten-week writing program. Thomas eventually went to California where he sold his first screenplay “Love and Happiness,” a romantic comedy which he co-wrote with producer T. Smith. The screenplay was sold to producer Loretha Jones. Shortly afterward, Thomas went on to write another comedy called “Taking Chances,” which was also purchased by a producer. Thomas expanded his knowledge of film by working in various New York post-production houses and independent film sets. He developed his craft as a director by helming his first short, “The Bachelors Club.” “The Bachelor’s Club” received positive word of mouth in the festival circuits where his film was featured amongst other up and coming filmmakers. Thomas went on to direct his second short, “A Family Affair,” which was featured in film festivals. Thomas went onto Nyack College to study Theology where he took another course in playwriting and wrote A Christian comedy called the “Sarah Sassy Show,” which has toured nationally.


Great Lakes Christian Film Festival

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