Douglas Miller

Douglas Miller – Industry Panel

Saturday August 3, 2019, 3 pm – 5 pm, Kennedy Room, Millennium Hotel | $4 [Tickets]

Douglas Miller

Director of Photography | Cinematographer | Associate Professor at Liberty University

Professional Bio

Doug has worked in film and television production for over 40 years. Working in camera and lighting he has traveled across the world, making images in more than 17 countries. His work has been seen on CBN, The Family Channel, INSP, PBS, CBS. As a cinematographer audiences all over Africa and India have seen his work. Working with stunt coordinators he has captured a wide range of stunts, from full body burns, high falls, fire and explosions, to flipping cars and forklifts. Telling stories with images is his passion and he pursues it with all of his ability.


Doug’s Statement: God has led me on an incredible adventure over the past 50 years. When I gave him my life on a snowy hillside it was because I knew if I kept my own life i would destroy it and if I gave it to him he would treasure it and full fill my destiny. He has, he is. He wired me as an artist, storyteller and has taken me across the world. I have worked in media as a filmmaker and photographer, telling stories with pictures. I have taught on the university level for over 3 decades, it has been one of the mission fields he has placed me in which along with the soccer pitch and film set/studio have become places of divine encounter.


Doug presented a workshop before at #GLCFF2016, with Producer Durrell Nelson, called “Horses on Film.” He was the DP for the award winning film Texas Rein. He will represent the short film Paper Football, starring Jack Champion.

Douglas Miller, MFA IA
Associate Professor
Cinematic Arts Zaki Gordon Center

(434) 592-6269

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