Surrender [Feature] #GLCFF

Surrender [feature film]

#GLCFF 2015 Official Selection

A young man, Austin, running from the law seeks refuge in a small country church. Taking the youth group hostage it becomes a standoff between him and the sheriff. When the sheriff realizes his daughter is among the hostages he begins to consider small town vigilante justice. Time is running out for Austin and it’s up to the hostage negotiator to save his life and the youth pastor to save his soul.


Danny Rogers Broken Faith


Danny Rogers Broken Faith


Sarah Kessinger Broken Faith, Treehouse
Danny Rogers Broken Faith
Barbara Snellgrove Broken Faith
Don Snellgrove Broken Faith
David Vercruysse Broken Faith
Sharon Wehr Broken Faith
E. Karl Frisch

Key Cast

Steven Sutherland Ashes of Eden
Rodney Wiseman Broken Faith
George Cron Broken Faith
Rachael Edlow
Michael Joiner Broken Faith, The Grace Card, Ashes of Eden
Robert Leeshock Earth: Final Conflict, As The World Turns



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