Great Lakes Christian Film Festival
Official Selection #GLCFF #GLCFF2019 (2018) Commercial

Two African American Hollywood professionals (Phillip E. Walker & L. Stratus) have teamed up to create this documentary film that exposes illegal employment practices currently running rampant in their Industry!

A potentially volatile instructional video, packed with eye opening information, short film documentary that exposes rampant illegal Hollywood producer employee miss-treatment practices. Using film as an activist tool, the Work also suggests lucrative employee recourse action therein.

The last seven (7) minutes of this Piece includes its presenter (Phillip E. Walker) leading a LIVE Q&A session while credits, defendant names plus names of the 25 first to Officially Select film festival dates & cities scroll slowly on the screen.

Movie has Academy Award® Nomination Qualifying Standard Theatrical Run July 26 thru August 1 in North Hollywood, CA USA. Having directed more than 100 plays, this is Walker’s debut film directing stint.

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival


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