2018 Honorary Actor Award

The Great Lakes Christian Film Festival awarded Jack Jovcic with the 2018 Honorary Actor Award for his work in the 5 films Selected, Nominated, and/or Won at our film festival over the years [Lake of Fire, The Artifact, Stuck, The Brotherhood, Hidden Light].

HIDDEN LIGHT – Following a tragic event, the lives of three men converge in a quest for revenge and redemption.


Jack not only is a good actor, but his distinguished appearance gives him the edge to stand out from other well known Australian actors currently in the Hollywood circuit. We would love to see him selected for roles outside Australia. Jack has acted in several projects by Award winning Director, Producer Aaron Kamp.

IMDb Bio: An imposing, brawny screen presence, Jack has attracted plenty of accolades in a number of award winning films. He was most recently nominated for Best Actor for ‘The Voice in the Wilderness’ which premiered at L.A Live in last years 168 Film Festival. In 2015 Jack won a Special Merit Award for his turn as an Ex-Con Bikie in ‘The Brotherhood‘ and also received another Best Actor nomination for the award winning black comedy, ‘The Artifact‘, to go along with his 2014 nomination for the crime thriller ‘Lake of Fire‘. He has just completed the lead role in the feature film ‘Hidden Light‘ set for release in late 2017.


Jack Jovcic and Aaron Kamp at the 168 Film Festival

Jack Jovcic Links: 2013 Acting Reel | IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5756761/