Mercedes E Wilson: Awards Ceremony Host

We are proud to announce Mercedes E Wilson as our special guest host for the 2018 GLCFF Awards Ceremony at the Millenium Hotel, near Walden Galleria Mall, in Buffalo, NY. Mercedes Wilson, radio and television personality, is a service oriented visionary and leader. Born in Medina and raised in Lockport, New York, Mercedes always knew her life’s purpose is tied to serving others. Knowing this, she pursued and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services in from Empire State College.

At the age of 28 Mercedes life changed forever when she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Throughout her treatment, Mercedes experienced new levels of pain, loneliness, and hopelessness. It was also during this period Mercedes realized she was ignorant of her family’s health history and the impact that lack of information played on her diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The healing journey that ensued reignited her passion for helping others. Because of her experience, Mercedes founded and serves as the executive director of For Our Daughters Incorporated, a non-profit organization that teaches young women how to advocate for their health and wellness.

Mercedes is also a television personality. She along with 5 other amazing women co-hosted the live daily show “Daily Buzz 716” on WBBZ.  Mercedes and her co-hosts had the pleasure of interviewing diverse organizations and people about their great work in Western New York.  In February of 2018, Mercedes launched a new podcast called The Mercedes Wilson Show.  This show highlights the issues in today’s churches across the U. S. and seeks ways to solve them.  A member of Leadership Buffalo Class of 2018, Mercedes is working to become a better servant leader in her community.  It is her belief that by serving others, your purpose is amplified.

Always a work in progress, success has not come easy, nor has it reached its peak for Mercedes.  She has a story to tell and she is using her platform as an opportunity to help others. Mercedes will be releasing her first book “Hope” in the summer of 2018. She wants her audience to know that they can win even when they’re dealt a tough hand.

“I talk a lot about obedience. When you are obedient, doors open that you never expected. A few days ago I received a message from Mr. Ken Jenkins (he acted out of obedience) about his movie A Heart that Forgives. I felt led to ask him for an interview. We did the interview and two days later I heard from the Executive Director of the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival saying he loved the interview. I was then asked to host the festival!!!! Check out my interview with Ken.”