Frank Rossi: Actor, Acting Coach, Casting Director [workshop]

Frank Rossi: Acting Workshop #GCLFF2017

Frank Rossi is an Actor, Acting Coach, Casting Director

ACTING WORKSHOP: “How to Book Principle Roles in Feature Films”
Saturday August 5th, 2017 at 3pm – 4pm, at the Millennium Hotel, McKinley Room, as part of the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival. Frank will be presenting an acting workshop entitled “How to Book Principle Roles in Feature Films

Since the 1990s, Frank has starred in many films and TV series. After a successful start to his acting career in General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, he dedicated time to helping others as an acting coach to people like Bob Bozek, Danni Lang and Jim Caviezel [Passion of the Christ, Person of Interest].

Frank Rossi returned to Upstate, New York in the summer of 2002. He immediately recruited several dedicated and very passionate actors and began teaching acting technique, cold reading and comedy improvisation skills. During the past five years, Mr. Rossi has taught over 300 actors in the upstate, New York region alone. Mr. Rossi also spends time privately coaching actors in Los Angeles.

The Frank Rossi studio of acting is dedicated to the implementation of these high ideals instilled in him as a former student of the legendary, Stella Adler. Frank’s purpose is to create an environment for the artist, that he or she can safely explore an actor’s greatest gift – their emotional availability.

Having studied with Ms. Adler, Frank has incorporated a number of her beliefs and techniques into his approach on teaching. She, along with several other prominent teachers, have enabled Frank to develop a style of his own discovery, as well as incorporating what he has learned from them.

* Workshop is included with Full Access and All Day Passes [$2 at the door all others]

The next Basic-Intermediate FALL Scene Study Class (Meisner/Method) in BUFFALO will start on Tuesday 09/12/2017

Frank Rossi: Actor [Miami Vice, White Men Can’t Jump] – Acting Coach [Jim Caviezel, Robert S. Bates] – Casting Director [Marshall, Cold Brook]

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