Jenny Randle: Created To Create [workshop]

Jenny Randle: CREATED TO CREATE [workshop] #GLCFF2016

Jenny Randle: Emmy-Award Video Editor and Art Director, Good Catch Publishing

Jenny Randle

Let’s daydream for a minute. Think back to some of your most creative experiences in your childhood. Do you feel like you are functioning at that same level of creativity?

75 percent of adults think they’re not living up to their creative potential. Stress and time are the two major creativity killers. Here’s the good news: Labels and statistics don’t have to dictate our abilities. It’s time to grant ourselves permission to dream with God and create again. After all, WE ARE DESIGNED FOR IT.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Six steps to unleash your creativity. 
  • Hear secrets from some experts in their fields who have shaped the entertainment industry
  • You will embrace child-like wonder as you learn how to strengthen your creative culture 

Whether your creativity has been inactive, high-functioning or somewhere in between, with these tools, you will be able to harness the creativity God planted in your heart and reach others with the Gospel. AFTER ALL, YOU ARE CREATED TO CREATE SO THAT PEOPLE WILL CONNECT WITH THE ULTIMATE CREATOR.

Jenny’s BIO:

Jenny’s career started in Hollywood, where she edited content for Paramount, DreamWorks, Sony and other major studios. She has collaborated on billion dollar franchises editing materials for Shrek, Madagascar, and the X-Men DVDs. She also designed graphics and videos for major clients including PIMCO, PBS, and created reels for Steven Spielberg. In 2009 she was recognized with one of the highest honors in the industry – an Emmy Award for Editing.

She’s since transitioned to working in the publishing industry, where she is the art director and lead graphic artist. The company produces books of testimonies for churches around the nation.

More than 70 films, 60 books, 55 churches and two radio stations have featured Jenny’s media and voice.

With a history of creative storytelling and a senior superlative as “most optimistic” under her belt, Jenny has a unique ability. She combines testimony and encouragement to speak life over her audiences in a compelling way. Jenny’s ultimate goal is to help others unlock their creativity, identity, and purpose through understanding the Ultimate Creator.

Today, Jenny resides in New York with her logical risk taking husband and dance party crazed preschoolers. In her free time, she is currently serving on the board of directors for her local YMCA and enjoys dreaming and laughing with friends. She is also attempting to bring back the “high five” and conning her kids into eating an occasional veggie — the hardest task of all.