Treasure Lies (2020)

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival
Official Selection #GLCFF #GLCFF2020

Treasure Lies (2020)

A hardworking teen learns a faith lesson through an unexpected windfall. It’s a story of greed, jealousy, gratitude, character, and forgiveness.

Starring: Caleb Milby and Rachel Cameron, featuring Cameron Arnett, Brooks Ryan, with Dariush Moslemi, Mark Holmes, Dawn Long, and Jonathan Bocinsky.

Sean (Caleb Milby) has always been the perfect “boy next door” — a good Christian, hard worker, funny, honest and responsible but that’s all about to change. Sean likes Melissa (Rachel Cameron) but doesn’t think she’s interested. For one, while she drives a luxury sports car, he doesn’t have a car at all. He’ll stop at nothing to change that — including breaking a commandment when he happens upon a winning lottery ticket. Sean realizes that this ticket could change his life and it does, just not in the ways he imagined.

A fresh romantic comedy, Treasure Lies will take you back to the roller coaster of your younger years — with all of the suspense, surprise, miscalculation, humiliation, and wonder that can bring.

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