The Red Resurrection (2018)

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival #GLCFF #GLCFF2018
Official Selection – Nominee – Finalist – Winner

The Red Resurrection (2018)

*Winner – Best Special Effects of a Narrative Feature

*Nominee – Best Narrative Feature, Best Producer of a Narrative Feature (Matt Long), Best Actor in a Narrative Feature (Dave Harper), Best Supporting Cast in a Narrative Feature

Screened at #GLCFF2018 August 3rd, 2018 at 8 pm

Death. Life. Resurrection.

In a world ravaged by a viral infection that turns its victims into cannibalistic monsters, Abby (Kirstie Piper) awakens afraid and alone to find herself “Resurrected” from the living death brought on by this new black plague.
Dave (Jacob Reinhard) and Jon (Daniel Cutteridge), the two travelers who cured her from this deadly disease the night before, begin to lead Abby on a journey through the pieces of her shattered life to overcome her memories as a mindless flesh eater, as well as to their home, Safe Haven.
Now, with the help of those who cured her, Abby must learn to navigate through the depths of her fractured psyche and a world full of monsters, some much worse than the plague could ever create. | |

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival



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