Song of the Wilderness (2018)

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival 2018

Official SelectionNomineeFinalistWinner

  • Finalist – Best Foreign for a Documentary
  • Finalist – Best Producer for a Documentary
  • Winner – Best Director for a Documentary
  • Winner – Asian Continental Award

70-year-old Mother Xu travelled 200km to the mountain area of Yimeng, Shandong province, far way from her own children. She lived in a cottage without a rooftop while taking care of Fan Jianxiu, a paralytic. Despite the sarcasm and ridicules, she persevered in looking after Fan for ten years as if it was one day. Yet still the sound of her praises spead out and rising from the wilderness.

Mother Xu spent miserable childhood during the war against the Japanese and she lost her mind after seeing her loved ones killed before her own eyes. Subsequently, a unique experience prompted her to embark on a journey of life transformation. After many years of searching, she finally found a place of spiritual rest and her life was totally transformed. A Faith that is supernatural, holy and merciful was revealed through an original and true account.

As the main photographer and director, throughout these five years recording and interviewing, Hua Yu Yang witnessed how the power of faith changed people’s life. From the recorder’s angle, she is presenting this simple and extraordinary story. The “Song of the Wilderness ” is a debut of Huayu’s documentary series.

The Testimony of Director Hua Yu –

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