Riley’s Revenge [short] #GLCFF @argentapictures

Riley’s Revenge [short film]

#GLCFF 2015 Official Selection

When Riley Carter, harassed since elementary school has the opportunity to take revenge on a very popular kid, he comes face to face with the truth he is now the bully. But when a cold reality is unearthed by his seeking revenge, Riley must decide how to right his wrong before he does irreparable damage, and in the process receive a gift better than the satisfaction of payback.


Prentice Edward Dupins, Sr.


Prentice Edward Dupins, Sr. Real Talk
Joshua Molden


Deron Hamilton
Nicki Barnes
James Tate
Katrina Dupins
Carl Dupins

Key Cast

Nicholas Barnes
Juliean Broner
Joshua Molden
Matthew Molden

Post Production

Tyler Herron
Prentice Dupins, Jr.
Carl Dupins



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