Rap Queen: The Serious Voice Story (2018)

2018 Great Lakes Christian Film Festival

Official SelectionNomineeFinalist

Rap Queen: The Serious Voice Story

Behind the Scenes

– The highs and lows of being an independent female rapper in New York City.

No one ever thinks that coming out of the grittiness of Brooklyn would be easy. In fact, most find it hard to make it out successfully. Serious Voice proves many wrong. She’s more than just a rapper. She’s a Rap Queen!

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The Cast and Crew

Brigitte Serious Voice James
Lenny “Mr L” Moore
Christopher “Mr. C” James
Natasha Griffiths
Joe Nathan

Video assistants:
Glen Oh So Fresh

News & Reviews

Screening at the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival, Buffalo, NY, Saturday Aug 4th, 2018. View schedule for times and locations. https://twitter.com/RapQueenFilms_


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