In Your Prayers [short] @OgdenFilmGroup @dayzerotv #GLCFF

In Your Prayers [short film] 
#GLCFF Official Selection

Twenty something college student, SIDNEY, is attempting to study in a local coffee shop, but is unable to concentrate. His mind is elsewhere. He steps outside to have a smoke break and meets LARRY, a homeless man in his 40s or 50s. LARRY starts up a conversation with SIDNEY in an attempt to bum a cigarette. SIDNEY is, at first, reluctant, but soon realizes there is more to LARRY than meets the eye

In Your Prayers - GLCFF poster

Director – Ryan McDonald
Writers – Jason White
Producers – Pietro D’Alessio, Chaunelle McLean, Cal Nguyen, Jason White
Starring – Jared Leo Lynton, Dave Nilson and Emilyne Guglietti
Runtime [13:51]


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