Hoovey [feature] @HooveyTheMovie #‎GLCFF2016‬

Hoovey [feature] @HooveyTheMovie

#‎GLCFF2016‬ Official Selection

Life can change in an instant, turning your world upside down and stealing your dreams forever. That’s exactly what happens to the Elliot Family in “Hoovey”, the true-life inspirational story from director Sean McNamara (“Soul Surfer”).

Hoovey pic1
A Midwest farming family gets tested at everylevel when 16year-old Eric “Hoovey” Elliot, a promising high school basketball star, collapses on the court and is diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor that must be removed immediately. Hoovey survives the high risk, 8-hour procedure – but his fight is only just beginning…

With the help of parents Jeff and Ruth, Hoovey must learn to walk again, to read again, to even speak and see straight again. But his biggest challenge is to fight off the hopelessness and despair that accompany the dashed dreams of ever playing ball again — even a minor blow to the head could prove fatal. At the same time, unpaid medical bills mount and tensions rise as Jeff and Ruth swim in crippling debt, leaving the future of the family home and farm uncertain.

Hoovey pic2
It seems there is no one for the Elliots to turn to – no one but themselves and their God. And it is this faith that the family relies on when, despite the danger, they band together and join Hoovey in his fight to get back onto the court again. Turns out, some dreams are just too big to die.EchoLight Studios / EchoLight Cinemas HD

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