Fragile World [feature] #GLCFF @BruisedReedProd

Fragile World [feature film]

#GLCFF 2015 Official Selection

A lonely interior decorator with a history of delusions falls for a dashing stranger who may or may not be real. This feature film by Sandy Boikian (Leaving Limbo) ponders the depths of human loss, the fragile framework of the human mind, and the road to emotional and spiritual healing. Starring Alexa Jansson, Benjamin Keepers, Noelle Perris, Marco Aiello, Chad Bishop. Produced by Lisa Boore Lambert, filmed by Jonathan Bouknight, edited by Johann Martinez, sound by Richard Bretschneider. Bruised Reed Productions, LLC


Sandy Boikian


Sandy Boikian


Sandy Boikian
Lisa Boore Lambert

Key Cast

Alexa Jansson
Noelle Perris
Benjamin Keepers
Marco Aiello
Chad Bishop
Willow Hale



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