Bragg N East [short] #GLCFF @BraggNEast

Bragg N East [short film]

#GLCFF 2015 Official Selection

Inspired by true events, a life shattering tragedy unites two former adversaries in search of answers: a police officer and a gang-member, both hardened by years of working the streets.

Bragg N East is a gritty, faith-oriented police drama about hopeless lives in inner-city Raleigh, North Carolina-and of the hope-filled vision of a local cop, Robert, whose inspired outreach of love changes the lives of many in that community-especially that of the gang member and drug dealer, Dae’Quan.

While the story line is fictional, it is inspired by true events and the experiences of Raleigh officer Robert Wagner, whose vision this film promotes and honors.

“This is an inspiring short film that makes you want to get out and do more for the people in your community.”
―April Kruger, Movie Reviewer and COO/Producer, Cross Shadow Productions

Rob Underhill Dar He: The Lynching of Emmett Till


Bill Hand


Robert Wagner
Krystal Wagner
Aravind Ragupathi
Rob Underhill
Withinayard Ministries (501c3 501c3 nonprofit organization)

Key Cast

Robert Wagner
Michael Rosander Adrenaline
Tenae Downing
Robert “Tank” Crayton Southern Fried Stings
Drew Solomon
Moise Tabon
Bishop Bruce Rogers
Jennifer Russoli
Timmy Richardson Tyler Perry’s, If Loving You Is Wrong

Original Score Composer

Steven Grove


Robert Wagner
Stewart Nelsen Pulp Fiction, Ronin



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