Bottled Up [short] #GLCFF @wherl

Bottled Up [short film]

#GLCFF 2015 Official Selection

In search of life’s true meaning, a grief-stricken man embarks on a journey across Lake Michigan.

A man, Daniel, turns to alcohol and drugs to dull the pain of losing his fiancee. After being stirred by a friend to finally get on with his life, he decides to fulfill his fiancee’s wish to row across Lake Michigan.

During the rowing trip across the Lake, Daniel encounters emotional and physical hardships which only amplify his ongoing state of loneliness and depression. When he’s pushed to the edge, something happens out on the water that will change his life forever.


Sam Juergens Help Me, Razed


Sam Juergens Kings of Podunk, Help Me, Razed
Dave Juergens Kings of Podunk, American Spirit, XYZ Factor


Mark Wherley Help Me, Marathon: The Phil Anderson Story, Razed
Don Cole Marathon: The Phil Anderson Story

Key Cast

Dave Juergens Razed
Sam Juergens Help Me, Razed
Ben Juergens Razed
Amelia Favata Friends Don’t Let Friends Date Friends



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