Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence (2021)

2021 Great Lakes Christian Film Festival

Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence (2021)

Official Selection | Nominee

Bobbi Jo had a relatively normal upbringing in suburban Kansas City but became addicted of alcohol and drugs at an early age. Her party life was out of control when she found herself in more dangerous circumstances that forced her into prostitution. Horrific abuse on the streets eventually led to homelessness and worse. When it couldn’t get much darker, Bobbi Jo had a personal awakening.

Shot in Northeast KC, one of Kansas City’s most dangerous neighborhoods, this independent film raises questions surrounding alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution and homelessness. First time filmmaker, Brent Jones, illuminates the brutally shocking world of addiction through the testimony of those who have found lasting sobriety and keys to a new life.

This film takes us behind closed doors where Bobbi Jo reveals how she was saved, why she was chosen, and how she has given hope to more than 8000 souls that now call her, “Mom.”



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