2020 Xerb Film Blocks

2020 GLCFF Virtual Event film blocks (July 30 – Aug 5, 2020):

[keep check back as we add more films to the line-up]

GLCFF channel link: https://xerb.tv/channel/glcff/virtual-events

Documentary Features Block #1
Strings Attached Documentary
Daughters of Tala Documentary, Feature
Documentary Features Block #2
A Brave Hope Documentary
Documentary Features Block #3
generation whY? Documentary
Documentary Features Block #4
The Christmas Question Documentary
Documentary Shorts Block #1
#ForMexico Short
Nurk Documentary, Short, Student
Ordinary Commission Documentary, Short, Student
My Heart is Not Afraid Documentary
Narrative Features Block #1
The Lifesaver Feature
The Traveler Feature
Narrative Features Block #2
Heaven Feature
Narrative Features Block #3
Resemblance Feature
Narrative Features Block #4
The Salt of the Earth, Gunpei Yamamuro Feature
Narrative Features Block #5
Confound Feature
Narrative Features Block #6
A Happiness Long Awaited(English Subtitled) Feature
Narrative Features Block #7
The Tent Feature
Narrative Features Block #8
Timbertown Feature
Narrative Features Block #9
Bury It Short
Belly of the Whale Feature, Student
Narrative Shorts Block #1
Visitor Short
The Simple Path Short
Longing For Eden Short
Saturday Grace Short
Absolution Short
Narrative Shorts Block #2
Sorry Short, Other
Calf Rope Short
Dust and Ashes Short
Sticks & Stones: A Story of David Animation, Short
Fire Extinguisher Student, Short
Narrative Shorts Block #3
The Bus Station Student, Short
Owl Creek Student, Short
The Dark Places Short
Joseph Short
Ain’t God Alright Short
Narrative Shorts Block #4
The Teleios Act Short
A King’s Daughter Short
Why? Short
Cross Purposes Short
Reflection Short
Narrative Shorts Block #5
True Reflection Short
The Fortune of Robert Lowe Short
Archer’s Window Short
So Much More Short
The Book of Revelation Television
Narrative Shorts Block #6
Duel Short
Out of season Short
Curtain Call Student, Short
GAB Short
The Soldier Short
Narrative Shorts Block #7
Reflection Short
Little-Image Bearers: Aiming for the Mark Short, Television
The Magic Hour Short
Iron Short
Narrative Shorts Block #8
Who I am Short
Fireworks Short
Invitation Short
Minefield (Campo Minato) Short
The Cross He Bears Short, Student
Judge of Courage Short