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In 2020, Film Festivals have had to rethink their options for their event. COVID-19 has forced the hands of some governments to shut down entire cites, states and countries. Festival organizers decided to either cancel or postpone their events. Some have utilized the online options and hosted a virtual event.

The Great Lakes Christian Film Festival has decided, after much advisement, to host a hybrid event, allowing for both private screenings and online screenings. We will be using XERB as our Virtual Event Platform. It’s FREE, and they have the best way for the filmmakers to generate revenue from our festival screenings. We opted to only receive 5% of the revenue share (not 50% like the some of the other festivals). We want the filmmakers to get the most out of their streaming.

Step #1: Fill out this form: [ #GLCFF2020 Screening release (July 30 – Aug 2, 2020) ]

Step #2: Sign up for XERB and load up your project: [ XERB.TV signup ] Keep in mind it needs time to transcode.

Step #3: Request to be added to our event ( search GLCFF TV ) and we’ll add you to the line up. (an email may also be sent to you to join as a creator). Make sure you upload a poster and thumbnail image before you can request to join a channel.

Step #4: Pre-Register to let us know how you will be participating in the festival.

Please make your decision/upload before 8 am, Friday July 24, 2020 so we can set the schedule on our website. We plan to go live on Thursday July 30, 2020 at 8:00 am and run through Sunday August 2, 2020 until 11 pm (New York time). Scheduling for the Private screening and Virtual Screenings will be at the discretion of the festival organizers.