New Release: Beyond the Farthest Star [feature] @beyondmovie

Beyond the Farthest Star

In Theatres August 10, 2015

Anne asks the question, “What really is beyond the farthest star?” Her family is being ripped apart while a mysterious stranger leads to more questions… A dying town’s secrets point to murder and an unexpected sacrifice may reveal the truth she anxiously seeks.

Starring: Renee O’Connor, Todd Terry, Cherami Leigh, Barry Corbin, William McNamara, Tyler Corie, Andrew Prine, Lou Betty Jr. and Shawn Roe

In Theaters Beginning August 10th- Beyond the Farthest Star:




One thought on “New Release: Beyond the Farthest Star [feature] @beyondmovie

  1. Thanks for posting this. “Beyond the Farthest Star” is an incredible film that demonstrates that there is hope and redemption available for all. It is also a well produced movie with a riveting storyline and with actors who know how to bring layers to their characters.

    Although it does open on Aug 10th, BTFS is part of Gathr Films “Theater-on-Demand” which means you can request a screening, on the date of your choice, at the theater of your choice. Find out more at


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