Roses [short] @RosesMovie #‎GLCFF2016‬

Roses [short] #GLCFF2016

Official Selection

A young woman, Jessica, has recently been blinded through a tragic stroke and she struggles to deal with the emotions and shock that come from such a traumatic event. Through what seems like a chance encounter at a bus stop, Jessica meets Kevin, an African American gentleman from a previous generation who carries a shocking and unexpected secret of his own.

roses-clipTogether, they face difficult questions and forgotten memories, and ultimately, Kevin must face the shadows of his past so that Jessica may embrace her future. “Roses” deals with the timeless truths of forgiveness, redemption, and faith while challenging every viewer to dare to live beautifully.


“Roses” stars Greg Alan Williams from “Remember the Titans” and “Million Dollar Arm” and holds over 120 acting credits. “Roses” also stars Rachel Hendrix lead actress from “October Baby” and “The Perfect Wave”.

“Roses” won “Best Short Film” at the 2015 International Christian Film Festival and “Best Short Film” at the 2015 Christian Worldview Film Festival, both of which are among the largest Christian film festivals in North America.



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