About Us


We are a CHRISTIAN Film Festival focused on spotlighting the best faith-based submissions every year. What does that mean? For starters, this is a festival for Christian Filmmakers or anyone looking to submit a Christian-themed film. The target audience is for the WHOLE family, Grandma and Junior alike. Some projects, such as Passion of the Christ, might be too graphic or unsuitable for children under 14 years old. If you plan to submit a project, we suggest you please give us warning as to the content of the film so we can categorize it differently than a general audience rating. This does not guarantee it will be selected, but it does give us a reference point. The idea is to provide indie Christian Filmmakers an outlet and possible success full-time, as well as, opportunities for veteran movie industry folks to network, mentor, and inspire the next generation film stars and moguls.



The Great Lakes Christian Film Festival was created in 2014 by Shawn Greene, in Buffalo, New York. The festival was designed to gather Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Playwright, Directors, Editors, Actors/Actress, Cinematographers, Casting Directors, Crew Members, etc. Planning began in May 2014, taking the first submissions November 2014 through the May 2015 final deadline. Over 90 films were submitted the first year and were narrowed down to just over 50. The first venue for #GLCFF2015 was at the Bread of Life Church in South Buffalo, New York in August 2015. The next Film Festival is scheduled for August 1 – 4, 2019.